Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things I learned from My Own Sermon Today

As I looked out during each of the three services and delivered the message of Light and Dark, several things went through my mind.

  • There were people at many different stages in their walk with God. Some believers, some non-believers, some searchers, some indifferent to the whole thing.
  • It was tough speaking in front of my dad (It was the first time, he has heard me speak).
  • Being transparent is difficult when the ones that you have hurt are hearing you speak.
  • Feels that it is difficult to deliver a message that does not include many areas of laughter. Hard to know if crowd is connecting or not.
  • I love speaking God's word.
  • Three services is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually draining.
  • Feel so fortunate to be where I am!
  • Hopes that God's plan includes me staying at Grace for many years to come.
  • Glad Kat talked me out of putting a Lord of the Rings reference in the sermon. A Star Wars and Lord of the Rings reference would have been cause to run me out of the church as the Ultimate Dork.


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Jill Cummins said...

I really enjoyed Sunday morning. It is always a pleasure to hear your sermons. Never fear - it seems God always speaks through you. If I may say so on behalf of Grace Church, we also hope God's plans are for you to be here for many years to come. Thanks for all you do.