Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marcy Jo's

I went to a Songwriter's night tonight at Marcy Jo's. Kat and I have eaten here several times for breakfast and it is easily my favorite breakfast spot. I have never been much of a breakfast person but their food it out of this world. Kat always gets the Stuffed French Toast and she says that words do not do this dish justice. I always get the Sausage Gravy Biscuits which is fantastic.

However, tonight was a different experience. The owners of Marcy Jo's are Joey from the Country Duet Couple of Joey and Rory and Marcy is the sister of Rory. Tonight was a special evening of food and music by Joey and Rory. The food was delicious. We started out with a salad and the main entree was lasagna with a cheese/garlic biscuit. We ended our food with a choice of Coca-Cola cake or Peach Cobbler. I had the cobbler and it was delicious.

After the food was cleared away, Joey and Rory took the small stage. Growing up I loved Country Music but as I got into high school, I stopped listening. However, tonight I remembered why I loved Country Music. Country songwriters know how to tell the story of life. As I sat there and listened to the lyrics, I felt I was part of the story. I heard songs of life, of love, and of course of cheating. A country song can not be a hit if it does not include lyrics of cheating. Both Joey and Rory sang songs and sang some together. They ended the evening by having Joey's mother sing an old hymnal with Joey and Rory backing her up. Kat thought that she sounded just like June Carter Cash.

We shared the evening with Kat's parents and were at the table with some very nice people. It was a delightful and relaxing evening and you will be sure to find me at future Songwriter's nights around our community.

Make sure and check our Marcy Jo's for good times, great people, and wonderful food!

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Natedog27 said...

You know i didn't think i would like the Stuffed French Toast but MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM it is amazing. Thanks for the tip