Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road Trip

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to General Assembly in Orlando, FL. Every four years, the Nazarene church gathers delegates together from all over the United States and World. This was my first opportunity to attend. Since my wife was unable to attend with me, I decided it was best to travel with my boss, Pastor Brian and his family. Brian has four children. One is 17, one is 9 and two are 6. Thus, there were 7 of us traveling in one van from Orlando to Columbia, TN. Previously, I had been around Brian and his family many times and loved his children but I can not lie and say that I didn't have some fear and hesitation about being in a mini-van for 11 hours with 6 other people.

However, the trip was easy. We traveled for 8 hours the first day and stopped in Valdosta, Ga. The kids were great. The next day we finished our trip to Orlando. I had a wonderful time with the whole family.

This trip made me think about our travels with God. Sometimes, I feel that we become so scared of the road ahead that we almost become paralyzed and can't move forward. It's as if we do not want to know what's in store for us. Most people, at least in the church would say that they want to walk with God. However, most people want to tell God where to walk instead of following in his footsteps.

There was a song that came out within the last couple of years called, Jesus Take the Wheel. It is a great song that makes me think that we need to give up the "control" of our lives and let Jesus guide us along the path that we need to be walking.

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