Thursday, November 4, 2010


What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of all sorts of things. Spiders. Clowns. Spider Monkeys dressed up like Clowns and Heights of course. 

Growing up there was a hit television show called "Fear Factor." I always watched and thought that I could go on the show and win with ease. In my head, I would be able to stand up to my fears and overcome them without breaking a sweat. Not sure if this was really the case or if I was and maybe still am diluted in the head.

What are you afraid of? What are the deep fears inside that you don't talk about? I am not talking about spider monkeys dressed up like clowns (but that would be really scary).

One fear that I don't discuss or even think about until I decided to type this blog is that my children will not attach to me. Anytime that you adopt, a parent reads material and articles about attachment and the difficulty that can occur. I pray that this fear will never come true.

Do you fear God? This was a question that I never thought about until Wednesday. My Wednesday night class watched a dvd called Basic. As the class watched the dvd, we all began to ponder the role of fear in our relationship with God. Psalm 111 states that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We all want more wisdom but I had never equated that Fear and Wisdom were interlinked.

So are we to fear God? Is there such a thing as a healthy fear? I am not sure I have wrapped my mind entirely around this subject but I plan to continue digging deeper into these questions. Will you join me on the journey of determining how fear plays a role in our relationship with God?


Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

Derek... Thats just silly talk. I have never ever heard anyone talk bad about you. Never have i heard "you know that derek guy. Yea i dont like him!" You are a kind hearted person to people of all ages. Your work with kids in the system showed you have a big heart for children. I'm sure your children will love you very much because you and kat will be amazing parents! So fear not :-) As for fearing God. in the Bible anytime someone comes into contact with God there seems to always be an instant self realizating of personal sin and unworthiness. Like in Isaiah chapter 6. Or in Luke where even the angels first words were ''fear not'' as if their first reaction was to fear even the angels because of their glory. even in Mark 4 41 the disciples feared Jesus when they say his power over the wind and rain. Their fear of his power over even nature terrified them more then the storm that they thought was going to kill them. Luke 5 8 when peter takes Jesus's advice and casts his nets once peter seeing the amounts of

Maegan said...

:( Don't feel that way Derek you and Kat will do great.
But as far as my fear goes it's the fear of loneliness. I know God gave me Mylez to help fill my loneliness but it doesn't help all the way (if that makes sense). I know God is helping me overcome this fear by introducing me to all these wonderful people in my life but the fear of people walking out of my life is still there.