Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Cake

Some of you might think that since my wife posted two blog posts today that maybe I am trying to compete with her but I assure you that this is not the case.

After reading my wife's blog this evening, I felt compelled to post my thoughts.

Growing up, birthdays were filled with family and cake, friends and cake, toys and cake. It was always a great time of happiness and love. I remember parties when I was young where my friends came to my house and I remember a recent birthday where Kat surprised me and took me to Indianapolis to see a concert.

However, today our son B turns 2. We will not be there to hold him, give him presents or to watch him blow out his candles and my heart breaks. I know that it seems trivial to some but tears stream down my face as I think about not spending the day with my son on his birthday.

I hope that we will not miss the 1st birthday of our little girl in late December. If you think about it, will you pray that our son feels God's love on a day that we, his Earthly parents can't show him love.


Sloane said...

My heart aches with you and Kat. I am certainly praying that B feels warmth and love on this special day. Our Lord is really pretty good at standing in the gap, so I'll ask Him to do just that ;)

My love to the Hunters.

Jodi said...

Love to you and Kat and to little B! I have tears streaming down as I understand how much you miss them both - this is the last birthday that you will be apart and the best ones are yet to come! Praying for for to wrap him loving arms around all 4 of you!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

derek that is so heartbreaking! I hope those children come home to you both soon! You and Kat will be wonderful and loving parents! Praying for you kat and your little ones!

atgreene said...

My heart is sad for you and Kat today, I'm sure that B could feel the love on his special day!!! Love you guys